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Join us and Valerie Atkinson of Vita Lux Alchemy on June 4 for an Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath, honouring the Strawberry Full Moon.


June’s full Moon - typically the last full Moon of Spring or the first of Summer - has traditionally been called the Strawberry Moon. As flowers bloom and early fruit ripens, June is a time of great abundance for many and a time to gather the “June-bearing” berries ready to be eaten!


The name of the Strawberry Moon refers to the fertility of this time of year. It’s a celebration of growth and connection to the body, food, and the pleasures of the Earth. We may feel more energetic from the light of the Sun and the fresh food we get to eat. The rising Summer energy is powerful for acting on our intentions and growing our creative projects, relationships, and self-love practices. Summer is a very embodied time when we can be out in nature - observing the plants and animals, feeling the Sun and breeze on our skin. Connecting to the body is a spiritual practice; now is the time to enjoy it!


Sound bathing is a therapeutic practice that involves immersing oneself in soothing sounds to achieve a state of deep relaxation and promote physical and mental well-being. Let the gentle tones and harmonics of the crystal singing bowls support your outer being and nourish the stillness within.


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