The Rimrock Resort Hotel Green Program

Our Environmental Mission Statement

The Rimrock Resort Hotel's management and staff are committed to preserving our environment. Recognizing the responsibility we have both locally and globally, we have developed several programs to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle wherever possible – from energy-efficient lighting, water conservation systems, naturalized landscaping and an extensive recycling program, to name a few. We encourage all stakeholders to help us preserve our environment by participating in our Green Program.


We have been a partner of the Green Key Eco-Rating Program since 2011. Under this program, we conduct an extensive self-audit every year. This audit will significantly help us determine the strengths and weaknesses of our green program and assist us in setting an action plan. We have obtained 4 Green Keys for 2023, which stands for: "A hotel that has shown national industry leadership and commitment to protecting the environment through wide-ranging policies and practices. Mature programs that involve management, employees, guests, and the public have shown substantial and measurable results."


Our corporate responsibility goes beyond our property borders, and we endeavour to cooperate with our neighbours and suppliers to conduct our business in a manner that respects the environment. Every effort will be made to conserve resources throughout our operations. The Rimrock Resort Hotel is working towards continuous improvement in developing programs designed to minimize environmental impacts generated by our activities, products and services. We will:

 - Endeavour to go beyond the typical regulations and standards in the industry
 - Lead by example
 - Purchase local products where available
 - Support pollution prevention and minimization programs in the workplace
 - Use energy-efficient equipment and procedures
 - Track, measure and reduce our carbon footprint
 - Foster relationships with our community, suppliers, contractors, government agencies and other organizations engaged in conserving the environment
 - Review environmental objectives and practices yearly, as well as monitor performance
 - Avoid the perception of "greenwashing"

The Rimrock's ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY will always be readily available to employees, guests and community stakeholders. The Rimrock's growth depends on everyone's willingness to act responsively - for the sake of our own future.

What are our recent environmental wins?

(as of March 2023)

 - Hotel-wide food compost program implemented in 2022
     - From September 2022 – January 2023 we have saved 44,400 kg of compostable waste going to our landfills.
     - Where does our compost go? On-Farm Composting | Recycling Council of Alberta
 - Installation of a top-of-the-line Business Maintenance System, which controls lighting, heating and cooling of all rooms via a computer. This allows us control and monitor power usage and all occupied and unoccupied rooms.
 - 90% of cleaning products are Green Seal certified
 - Rated 4 keys with Green Key Global
 - Upgraded the majority of our kitchen equipment to energy-efficient equipment in 2022
 - In-room mini-bar water bottles switched to aluminum products. We saved over 6796 plastic bottles going to our landfills in 2022.
 - All plastic beverage products in our coffee shop have been replaced with aluminum or glass products.
 - Employee discount incentive on coffee purchases in the coffee shop when using a reusable mug.
 - Hotel green incentive for room cleaning. Skip housekeeping services and receive F&B discounts.
 - Improved and streamlined current recycling program
 - Removal of plastic pens and paper pads for banquet meeting set-ups (provided on request only)
 - Installation of 9 electric car charging stations
 - Air is re-directed from internal vents to heat our parkade efficiently to offset the need for a direct heat source
 - Free Library for guest book exchange (leave a book, take a book) implemented in 2022

What do we have planned for the future?

 - Upgrading light switches to motion sensors in storage areas
 - Upgrade light bulbs to energy-efficient LED bulbs
 - Working with suppliers to provide eco-friendly products and supplies.